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We are a group of passionate people

Each one of us has a passion for a specific sport or specific activity.
We share a taste for the best gear in our respective activities and we also enjoy gambling.
We realized that there was no single offer to win prizes and gear that we really loved; prizes that could change our lives in our activities.

We know that there is almost no chance of ever winning a “jackpot”

We know that odds of winning at a state lottery, or an online sweepstake for example, are so low that it is not even worth the time! (see Highest odds for calculations of your odds). Of course we could try our luck at casinos or sportsbetting, but by the end of the game, we’ll probably end up spending whatever “gains” we made anyway. At such games, the player can only win cash money, and usually wins small amounts several times. Then, while in pursuit of a hypothetical “jackpot”, he’ll immediately place his gains on new bets, until ultimately he has spent his entire gambling budget. His chances of winning an amount big enough so as to convince himself to stop playing are all but nil.

So, let us win our dream prizes instead !

Now, I know a new “Bow kite” will change my kiteboarding life, I know my best friend would kill for a new flat panel plasma TV which would change his movie watching experience, my mother has been dreaming about an electric golf cart which would dramatically increase her ability and enjoyment during her game of 18 holes.
These “life changing” prizes are often only worth a few thousand dollars and don’t need a 10 million dollar lottery jackpot to fulfill. So for a small bet amount, we can offer you very high odds of winning!
This is why we built Puurl.com. Now, thanks to Puurl, you can "buy" a real chance of fulfilling one of your dreams for only a few dollars!

We’re starting small

Right now, our “test” site is KitePuurl.com, as I personally love kiteboarding. This site has been developed with the PuurlPlatform which basically allows anybody to build a Puurl lottery page for his/her community of interests. I’m already getting a few friends into using the PuurlPlatform, and soon there will be a LuxuryWatchPuurl, a DigitalCameraPuurl, a MountainBikePuurl, a FlatTVpuurl, and a GolfPuurl...

The prize payouts are guaranteed

We have prize coverage insurance, so you can be sure that we have the financial backup to immediately deliver whichever prize you won. Click here if you want more information about our Prize payout guarantee.

Your participation is welcome

We’d like your suggestions and help: whether you just place a bet on our site, participate in our forum, suggest interesting prizes, tell your friends about us, link to us from your own website (we will actually reward you for this through our affiliate program), or go so far as to build you own Puurl page with the PuurlPlatform (this is not really open for business yet but you can enquire at platform@puurl.com).
If you are interested in producing games, designs, text, animations, advertising films, banners, ads, logos or anything else, we would like to publish your content and compensate you on a per-usage basis.

Sign up for free !

Even if you don’t want to bet, please sign up here. We’ll keep you informed about our news and our exclusive member offers (only the ones you specifically ask for, we don't spam!). Signing up is free and we will not ask you for any payment or credit card information. Alternatively, you can play for fun for free here without even registering.