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Become an affiliate !

Affiliate Marketing is a popular method of promoting web businesses in which an affiliate (like yourself) is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer, and/or sale provided through his or her efforts. Compensation may be made based on a certain value for each visit (PPC: Pay per click), registrant (PPL: Pay per lead), or a commission for each customer or sale (PPS: Pay per sale), or any combination.

  • Maximize revenues from your web site with minimal effort!
  • Earn a percentage of any gaming profit generated when visitors to your site click on our site's banners. Whether you manage a large web site or a small one, this is an opportunity for you to make thousands of dollars with minimal effort.
  • Get 40% of our revenues! We offer one of the most generous affiliate programs in the online gaming industry, with 40% commission sharing, coupled with the highest converting properties in the business.

Puurl affiliate program

Puurl offers lotteries specifically targeted at particular online interest communities. Our business model is very simple; we levy a 10% commission on every bet that is placed on one of our sites. This is the only revenue that we make; the bet amounts themselves are 100% repaid as prizes to winning players. We will give you 40% of our commissions and because of our specialized focus, our affiliate program will grant you the highest converting ratios online!

We work on a Pay per sale (PPS) basis. This means that you will earn money for performance (CPP Cost per performance) as a % percentage of your players bets. In addition, in the future, you will be able to earn money for acquisitions (CPA Cost per acquisition) as a guaranteed fee for every new depositing player that you will bring to Puurl (This is not yet available).

  • Real partnership. We treat you as a real partner and provide you with very high PPS commissions. You will earn 40% of Puurl’s commissions generated from players you refer during one year.
  • Monthly reports. Puurl makes available accurate and reliable statistical report and monthly cash payment.
  • Unlimited earnings. Our loyalty programs, updates, giveaways and newsletters keep your players playing. The more your players wager, the more you win. There is no limit to your earnings.

For more information, please email at affiliate@puurl.com in order to receive our complete Affiliation Program Terms and Conditions.

If you would prefer to create and operate your own lottery website using the PuurlPlatform, please read our Plateform page.