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Operate your own lottery website !

The Puurl platform allows anybody to easily build a lottery website dedicated to his online community of interest. You should consider this if you are a passionate and active member of an online community and if you are able to choose prizes that motivate your fellows to place bets. Our platform will take care of the financing, logistics, IT, administration, licensing, money processing, accounting, back office and technical support. You will only have to select the prizes and promote the site within your network.

  • Earn money while sharing your interests with your contacts and friends.
  • Get 50% of our revenue. If you share the work, we’ll share the profits.
  • Work the “fun” side of business only. Let us take care of the rest.
  • Invest time only in your business. We will invest the money.
  • Team up with your friends and start this as a fun and soon rewarding project.

Currently the Puurl Platform is functional and is used by us to create and manage all the Puurl sites which are already online. Up till now, we have no independent Puurl site owner as the GUI of the platform is not yet in its final stage. Still, if you are interested in becoming one of the first independent Puurl site owners, contact us at: platform@puurl.com.

Here is what to expect when the PuurlPlatform officially opens online in a few months:

The Puurl platform

Once granted access, you can use the PuurlPlatform for free to build your Puurl lottery site, select your prizes and games, create and administer forums, manage client DB, publish email/sms/newletters, manage advertising campaigns, access statistical data, build an affiliate program, etc.

We treat you as real partners and we have the fairest and simplest business model. As we share the job in two (you and us), so will we also share the profit in two: you earn 50% of all the commissions earned through your site.

The platform allows reporting. You can get overview of all your campaigns, print reports, consult your accounts, observe your players behaviour, etc. The platform also provides Puurl with rating of your performance as a Puurl site owner. Every independent Puurl site owner will be rated on his average commission per user and on his average user growth rate. A good rating will allow you to open new and bigger communities, you will get priorities and exclusivities over other Puurl site owners and you will also be rewarded with higher commissions.

What you will do with the Puurl platform:

  • Choose the prizes and update them regularly.
  • Manage permitted recurrent email to your network of members.
  • Manage online advertising to acquire new clientele.
  • Animate Puurl Forum for your own online community.

What you will avoid doing thanks to the Puurl platform:

  • Financing prizes: when a player wins a prize on your site, Puurl will pay for it, not you.
  • Logistics: Puurl will take care of the worldwide delivery of prizes to winners, including taxes, freight and customs.
  • Accounting and payment: your client will be able to deposit and withdraw money through every thinkable payment method without you having to ever bother about conditions, commissions, denial of services or fraud. You will receive a monthly accounting summary from Puurl and you will have securized real time online access to all your clients’ accounts. We take care of all the back office for you.
  • Legal infrastructure: online gambling laws, regulations and policies vary internationally and in time. Puurl owns subsidiaries in every strategic country worldwide, and constantly gets new government licences in order to adapt to the most current laws and allow you to legally propose lotteries on your site within the limits of the Puurl framework.


There are a few conditions that you will have to meet in order to get the status of “independent Puurl site owner” and to be granted full access to the PuurlPlatform. You will need credibility to be granted an independent Puurl site owner status and you will be asked to provide guarantees.

Personal requirements

  • Technical knowledge of your online community’s interests.
  • Passion, faith and dedication to your online community.
  • Knowledge of the online community’s network (forums, blogs, bb, magazines, parties, events, commercial sites, technical sites, references, key members and players…).
  • Good reputation and documented long historical presence in your online community
  • Good knowledge of a Puurl site as a user (min 6 month. of active user status)


To stay fair to Puurl, who covers most financial investments for your Puurl site, you should share part of the risk with us. So we ask you for guarantees, in order to make sure that you are serious about starting your business. Due diligence can be made either in money (you invest 500$ and immediately earn 50% of the commissions) or in working time (you invest 0$ but will earn the 50% commission only after you have raised 1500$ commission).

Become a Puurl site owner now!

This is by far the easiest way to make money while having fun.

For more information, please email at platform@puurl.com

If you would prefer to become an affiliate an earn money on every player that you refer to us, please read our Affiliate page.