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Games for your Mobile phone

Puurl Games will all soon be available for your mobile phone, so that you can enjoy playing anywhere, anytime.

  • Puurl mobile games will be available directly from your mobile with fast and easy registration, individual downloads per game (faster than on a PC) and all the great benefits of puurl.com, just on your Mobile. The only charge during the download will come from your operator.
  • Puurl mobile games will also be available from our website. You will have to download to your PC and then upload to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, IR or USB. This will be fully free and spares you the fees of your operator.

If you are Puurl customer and your mobile supports Java applications (See list of compatible phones) then you will be able to download all of our great games for free.

You’ll only need to do it once.

You will be able to use your existing Puurl account to play the games so there will be nothing stopping you getting straight into a game.