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How will I know if I win?

In order to participate, you have to submit your home address, two telephone numbers and an email address so that we can make absolutely sure that we can contact you if you win. There are some conditions regarding confirmation of the winner’s identity and shipping address. Please check our User Agreement for further details on Winners.

Will you contact me if I don't win?

If you do not win, the result is immediately displayed on our website. We also publish details of the winners online on our Winners List.

I live abroad so what happens if I win a prize?

Puurl will ship the prize to the winner's country of residence, usually for free. There are of course some conditions regarding this. Please read our User Agreement and check the Prize Delivery and Shipping conditions.

Can a winner get cash payment instead of the prize itself?

All winnings will be delivered to the home address of the winner. If the prize is not available any longer, the value of the prize can be credited to the winner’s Puurl Account. Winners can ask Puurl for account credit instead of prize delivery, but ultimately, Puurl reserves the right to comply or not. For more information, please check our Prize delivery and Shipping conditions.

Can I participate more than once?

Players can bet and play as many times as they want as long as they have sufficient balance on their Puurl account.

Are there any bet limits?

The minimum stake amount per bet is $1, and the maximum stake amount per bet is 50% of the prize value.

What are my odds of winning?

At puurl.com, every dollar that you bet buys you a chance of winning your chosen prize. The odds of winning are thus always equal to the bet value divided by the total prize value.
For example; if you bet $25 on a prize, which is valued at $500, you will have a chance of winning of exactly (25/500=) 5%, that is: “five chances of winning over a hundred”or “one chance of winning over twenty”. For more detailed information on your chances of winning at Puurl, please check our Highest Odds page.

When do the lotteries come to a close?

At puurl.com, you can choose to get immediate results when playing with scratchcards, slot machines or animated games. Alternatively, you can also participate in lotteries which results are published on fixed dates. We hold such a lottery once a week and also have a monthly “big prizes” lottery. So, whichever game you choose, you will never have to wait for too long before you get the results

Can I try your games for free?

Puurl offers the possibility of playing for fun in order for you to discover all offered prizes and games. Of course, if you “play for fun” and win, you actually win nothing. As “funny money” will only let you win “funny prizes”, the system will signify that you would have won but no prize will be delivered to you.
Everything else, including the odds of winning, are exactly the same as when you play for “real money”. So you can train your skills or conduct simulations and statistical tests in order to verify the accuracy of our RNG.

Can I open many Puurl Accounts?

As a Puurl player you are allowed only one Puurl account. Winnings can only be redeemed to players holding no more than one Puurl account. In addition, the name and delivery address on your Puurl account must match the name and address on the bank account or credit/debit card(s) used to make deposits to the Puurl Account. For more information about your Puurl Account, please check the Registration Obligations.

Does Puurl purchase all the products before the competition starts?

Some prizes are fully paid for by puurl.com before we start selling tickets in order for us to be able to display these prizes in specific locations (fares, airports, sport contests…). Mostly, we buy the prizes and have them shipped to the winner as soon as his winning has been confirmed by our system (it can take up to one week).

Who audits your lotteries?

Our games and RNG (random number generator) are independently verified and certified. We’ve also implemented a range of policies and practices in order to protect you against compulsive or underage gambling. References are available on request.

How do you protect my privacy and my confidentiality?

Puurl respects the privacy of all its customers and commits itself to protect any data about customers from outside parties. Puurl does not sell, rent, or otherwise provide your personally identifiable information to any third parties. We work hard to earn and keep your trust. We have physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with the strongest regulations to protect personal information about you. To learn more about confidentiality, please read our Privacy policy.

How do you guarantee security?

Security is one of our highest priority and we try to prevent any security breach. Any sensitive information that you provide will be secured with the strongest industry standard protocols and technology. Puurl uses a reliable and secure payment processing system. We also utilize SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption when transmitting certain kinds of information, such as financial services information or payment information. Puurl also promises to ensure complete transparency and clarity in all its financial relationship with you. To learn more about security, please read our Security policy.

How do I know that your games are fair?

Puurl is a professional and reputable online service that has a strict fair gaming policy to make players feel completely safe when they play and when they deposit money online. Puurl is holder of an online gambling operator licence, issued by the government of Hutt River Province, Australia. We use a trusted and certified Random Number Generator (RNG), which is tested frequently by leading international accounting and auditing firms. Our qualified, supportive, and secure environment allows for a winning online gambling experience. For more information, please read our Fair Gaming policy.

How can I become an Affiliate of puurl.com?

Puurl has an extensive affiliate program which will retribute you for every new client that you provide us. There are many different retribution schemes depending on your involvement and your faculties. Basically, there is always a way for you to earn money with Puurl. For more information, please check our Affiliate page.

How can I create my own lottery page using the PuurlPlatform?

The PuurlPlatform allows anybody to easily build a lottery website dedicated to his online community of interest. You should consider this if you are a passionate and active member of an online community and are able to motivate your fellows to place bets on prizes chosen by yourself. Our platform will take care of the financing, logistics, IT, administration, licencing, money processing, accounting, backoffice and technical support, while you will only take care of the prize selection and the promotion of the site within your network. For more information, please check PuurlPlatform.

Which legal conditions am I agreeing to when I use your games?

When you acces our service, and when you decide to register as a member of puurl.com, you must read, agree with, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in our User Agreement.

How can I get further information?

You will find answers to most of your questions on our forum. Alternatively, we would be delighted to answer any questions per email at info@puurl.com. We will get straight back to you.
If you have a question that should be published as a FAQ, or if you think that any of our answers should be clarified, please email us at faq@puurl.com