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Payout warranty

Puurl has taken the following measures in order to guarantee your prize payouts.

  • Blocked account. Only the small commission that we levy on your bets goes to our current account. 100% of the value of your bet is automatically deposited on a blocked bank account which allows retrievals for winner’s prize payouts only.
  • Prize coverage insurance. In case that our own balance is insufficient, we have an insurance which covers any additional prize payouts. So you can be sure that we have the financial backup to immediately deliver to you whichever prize you won.
  • Contractual warranty. We require special contractual delivery warranties from our suppliers. In case that your prize is albeit unavailable or « out of stock », we instead transfer the cash value of your winnings directly on your PuurlAccount.
  • Prize tracking. We are currently developing a tool which will allow you to track the prize you won from the day the win was notified to the day it gets delivered to your home address.